Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dirty potato soup, or, mama taught me there can never be too much garlic


Mama taught me there can never be too much garlic

your ingrediences:
5 potatoes
1 large yellow onion
2 bunches green onions
2 heads of garlic
olive oil
2 cubes of chicken stock

I'm sorry. Doing this made my eyes water. So I feel passionate about it. If you don't have a garlic press, you should get one. If you don't have a pampered chef garlic press, you really need to get one. It comes with a thing that fits into the little holes to help you clean it. The cleaning thing CLIPS ON to the press when not in use. It makes my little type A heart happy.

Why, yes, that IS a mimosa in the background!

You will have about 4 cups of delicious onion goodness. Your eyes will be watering. But, if you used your garlic press, your hands won't smell like garlic for days.

Also, cut your potatoes into cubes, about 3/4" - but relax about it. You didn't go to culinary school, no one is going to measure. 

DO NOT PEEL THEM.All the good for you parts are in the skin! And, it wouldn't be dirty soup if you didn't leave the skins on.

 Also, don't take a photo of that because that would show how varied in size your cubes were...

Get those onions into a pot with some olive oil!

Add the potatoes, and cover with 2 quarts of water!
Now, add two ice cubes of chicken stock and stir it up 

It's done cooking after about 40 minutes of deliciousness.
OH! I almost forgot to tell you. in the meantime, you should roast a head of garlic. In the oven. With some olive oil, in foil, in a ramekin. At about 350.
You can now squish all the roasted garlic into your soup.

Now, grab your immersion blender! BLEND!!!

Add some hot sauce...not a ton, just enough.


Soup Santa

PS - I bet you didn't know that I am dying for a kitchen garden. Well, I am. Unfortunately, I have no land, nor enough sunshine to grow much of anything. HOWEVER, if you put the cut ends of green onions in a little jar or dish of water... THEY GROW. It's magical. So you should try it, and make some soup magic.

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