Thursday, January 19, 2012

Taco Soup AKA I had nothing to eat in the house

Sometimes, you come home from work and you should have gone to the grocery last night. But you didn't. Instead you read the Hunger Games from cover to cover.
Sometimes you come home from work and you want a meal that you can put Fritos on.
Sometimes, that's ok. There are vegetables in it, too! And pre-fab taco mix, which I generally don't support, but desperate times call for desperate soups.

Enter: Taco Soup

One big can of diced tomatoes
One normal can of roasted tomatoes with green chiles
One small can of Mexicorn
One normal can of Cuban Style Black Beans (or regular)
One small can of sliced olives
One Green Bell Peppter
One tupperware full of cooked ground turkey with onion and garlic (Or, 1/2 pound ground turkey, browned with 1/2 an onion and 3 cloves garlic)
One packet of Taco Seasoning (DO NOT JUDGE ME)
One small bag of Fritos (HEY! I SAID DON'T JUDGE ME!

Here's what you do:
Step One: Glass of champagne. Work is hard, y'all! 
Enjoy your view. And your bubbly. Put a piece of frozen peach in there, because you're fancy.

Then, dice your bell pepper, and put it in a bowl with the corn, beans and olives. 
Realize that these ingrediences would make a lovely taco salad for lunch tomorrow. Set aside some to mix with romaine and ranch dressing for you and your sweetie. Or just you.

Put the turkey (already cooked) in your soup pot, with the tomatoes. Bring to a bubble, and add remaining ingrediences except for the Fritos.

Heat through, letting it simmer for at least 20 minutes. When you dish up the soup into bowls, top with Fritos, and congratulate yourself for being so clever.

Give some to your cute husband who makes funny faces when you make him soup.

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