Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Man Soup

Every man I know loves this soup. It's meaty. It's potatoey. It's incredible. It doesn't even have a proper name other than "you know that meaty soup dad and jarod[my brother] love?" My mom would often make this soup on a chilly afternoon, letting its delicious smells permiate our whole house.

The best part, she would drain the bacon on a plate with a paper towel next to the soup pot. A soup pot that looked kinda like this, for the record.

Which was so awesome (Mom's had pictures of vegetables on it... not flowers...but you get the idea)

I would always sneak bacon.

Sorry, mom. But you were kind of asking for it. Always cook extra bacon!

6 slices of bacon (plus a few for the cook)
1 red onion
6 cloves of garlic (I used some roasted garlic I had on hand)
1 can of garbanzo beans
1 1/4 lbs stew beef (or a beef shank, you can cut it up)
1 lb ham shank (I had to use sliced ham... )
about 8 red potatoes
about 2 cups of baby carrots
2 kielbasa sausages (8 oz. total)
1 t cumin
1 t oregano

Let's do this!
Cook the bacon until crisp, then lay on your super cute and greenzo napkin to drain, because you don't have any paper towels. 
 Drain all but 2 T of the bacon grease. Slice the onion, and smash or dice the garlic. Cook in the bacon grease. Praise God for the smell of onions and garlic cooking in bacon grease.
While the onions cook, cut up your beef and ham into sizes of beef and ham that would fit in your mouth.photo.JPG
These onions are totes ready.
When the onions and garlic are limp, add the meat, plus the liquid from your garbanzos and enough water that it appears to be about 6 quarts (ugh, don't you hate measuring? I do!)

Let that stew for an hour and a half. Chop your vegies!

Add the vegies!
Simmer for 45 more minutes. Add spices and crumbled bacon. Die a little, because surely this is heaven


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