Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seriously Tasty Tomato Soup

My pal Emily and I made up something brilliant. It's called Epic Day of Cooking. And you each gather 3-4 recipes, make your shopping list, go to the Berkeley Bowl, shop away (make sure you get enough bar snack mix), and then go to Emily's apartment, cook everything, and put it in single serving size tupperware and freeze it.

And then you're incredible, and you have tasty soups for days!

Did I mention you drink champagne while cooking? It makes you even more incredible. It does not help you use consistent formatting on your instagram though. Strange.
The half and half in this photo is a lie. You could put a splash in at the end, but then it would cause unfortunate side effects for your lactose-intolerant friends. Anyway, just ignore it.
Tomatos. Like, 5 lbs.
Onions. Like, 3
Chicken Stock (you really should make your own)
2 Bay leaves

Chop your onions. Be furious that Berkeley doesn't compost. Really Berkeley? REALLY?

Core and halve your tomatoes, stick them on a sheet pan with your garlic and onions.

S&P for roasting.

Roast them for 25 minutes

Mmm... roasted.

Apply veg to soup pot, add 2 bay leaves and chicken stock. Simmer for 40 minutes.

Take out your bay leaves! They are tough to digest.... 

Add some basil!
Fresh basil is a totally delicious herb. I have a hankering for an herb garden. But alas, apartment living and San Francisco fog may not let it be as fruitful as my Momzo's. Her garden is magical.

Anyway, back to soup.

Enjoy your success with a(nother) glass of champagne! You are making soup magic!

Blend the soup with your immersion blender. If you don't have an immersion blender, stop reading this blog and GO GET ONE NOW.

Blend it until it looks even more delicious.

You will be so excited about how tasty it is, that you won't even WANT to add a splash of half & half.

You will be so excited, you will forget to photograph it. But trust me, it looks good. Put it in your belly.

Soup Santa


  1. Who do you use for your hand model? They are so talented!

  2. Jessi, I love your blog. I want to be more like you!


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