Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ham Bone Soup And Things I Like


I like a lot of things. There are, obvi, lots of things I do not like, but focusing on those things would be a downer, right?

I like Jackie cardigans from JCrew. Even if they are short. I have too many Jackie cardigans.
I like when my husband emails me to say good morning, i love you, and then suggests that he wants to give me a gift every month for no reason.  How sweet is that?

I am not sure what I should give him every month... marriage is hard, y'all. I wonder if soup would work?
I really like burritos.
I really like deciding what color Kitchenaid stand mixer I would buy, if I were to buy such a thing. (tangerine. or pear. or classic red. or maybe stainless???)
I like walking to work.
I like daffodils in mason jars.
I like EVERYTHING in mason jars. Like leftover soup.

You can make soup from anything and from nothing. As long as you have a ham bone and some determination.

Isn't that really all we need in life anyway? Pork and a strong will!

I like ham bones.

I started this soup with nothing but the ham bone leftover from Easter dinner, the dregs of a veggie platter from a work party, and an almost-donezo head of cauliflower - and it became a miracle. I put the celery, half the carrots, some onions and the ham bone in the soup pot. I let that jam for about 10 minutes, then added water to cover the bone. Simmer for one hour, don't let it boil hard or the fat does this crazy thing where it breaks down and makes the stock greasy... trust me.

I like roasting vegies

Roast your veggies and three cloves of garlic for 40 minutes at about 275 - keep an eye on them. Dice the garlic after its been roasted.

Remove the ham bone and celery from the ham stock. Take the meat off the bone, return to the pot. Discard bone and celery. Add roasted vegetables to the stock, and add some frozen peas, you daring chef you! Simmer 15 minutes.

I should note that at this time your apartment will smell like HAM HEAVEN.

I like taking soup to work for lunch in mason jar

Dish it up. Save some for lunch tomorrow. 

Think of things to give your husband as a little gift that are not socks. Or lunch, because you already make that for him. So it doesn't count.

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